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Burial Fees - 1924
Jackie Embury

Deacons Meeting – April 8th 1924

A Meeting of the Deacons was held in the vestry on Tuesday, April 8th 1924 at 7 pm when there were present:  Rev AM Perkins (Chairman ), Mr FJ Christy, Mr WA Bray and the Secretary .  The meeting opened with prayer.

The question of the revision of fees for Marriages, Burials etc was considered and the following fees in respect of Burials were provisionally fixed:

Lowest price for a freehold grave                                 £2  2  0

Re-opening grave                                                               10  0

Head and foot stone or curb                                              10  0

Head, foot and curb                                                         1   0  0

Supporters of the Church to have the first option of the remaining freehold sites for burial.  The whole question of fees to be further considered.  In the meantime the Church Meeting to be held on the 9th inst. to be notified that the present printed scale of charges is in abeyance.


Church Meeting – April 9th 1924

A Meeting of the Church was held on Wednesday, April 9th 1924 at 7 15 pm.  Present :  Rev AM Perkins (Chairman) Mr FJ Christy (Deacon), Mr HH Thorne (Secretary) and 4 Members of the Church.

The Secretary reported the fees for Burials were under revision and that the present printed scale was suspended meanwhile.  As there were few available spaces for burial remaining in the Chapel yard, it had been decided as soon as the new rates had been fixed supporters of the Church should have the first option of purchase.


Meeting of the Church and Congregation – August 21st 1924

A Meeting of the Church and Congregation was held in the Chapel on Thursday, August 21st 1924, at 7 pm.  Present:  Mr Thos Wylie, Mr FJ Christy, Mr WA Bray, Deacons, HH Thorne, Secretary, and 16 Members of the Congregation.  Mr Bray presided.

The question of Revised Burial Fees was considered.  The Chairman stated these had the careful attention of the Deacons, and a revised scale had been fixed subject to the approval of the Meeting.  The Secretary read this revised scale which was as follows:

Freehold site for 1 ordinary grave                                £2  2  0

Interment Fee for each grave, 6ft deep                              5  0

Exceeding 6ft, 1/6d per foot extra

Re-opening grave                                                               10  0

For the erection of Head and Foot stone or Curb           10  0

For the erection of Head and Foot stone and Curb       1  0 0

For re-opening Vault                                                         1  1 0

The question was then left open for the discussion, when several Members expressed the opinion the new rates were very recommendable.

The following Resolution moved by Mrs Westrope and seconded by Mr B Hall was put to the Meeting and carried unanimously:

“That the revised scale of Burial Fees as suggested by the Deacons and now presented be confirmed and that a printed copy be made and hung in the Vestry.”

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