Mr John Sale

John Sale


In 1928 Mr John Sale of Farrow’s Farm grew a most unusual crop in one of his fields along the Newnham Road.  Stretching right across the hilly ridge of the field was a crop of mustard so arranged as to read in very large letters along the hillside:

Thank you Daily Mail

This was grown by Mr Sale in appreciation of help given to Agriculture by the Daily Mail.  It could be seen and read from a great distance and people came from near and far to see it.  Day after day rows of motor cars were drawn up so that their occupants might gaze upon this novel form of appreciation.


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  • I was very interested to read about John Sale, because a teaching colleague, Margaret Wallace, many years ago gave me copies of some pages from a relative’s arithmetic book from Ashwell. He was John Sale, and the date on the front page is 1849. I remembered him as her grandfather but he could have been her great grandfather. My friend would be nearly 80 years old now if she is still alive. Do you have any information about this John Sale? Best wishes Ruth Treves Brown

    By Ruth Treves Brown (06/03/2013)

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