Christy's Shop - early 1940's - late 1940's

Evidence of an Agreement between Mrs Louisa Christy of Parade House, High Street, Ashwell (widow) and a Mr F Bowes of Deanscroft Avenue, Kingsbury, London NW9 dated 23rd October 1940 has come to light.

It would appear that Louisa sold a lease to Mr Bowes in the sum of £600 + stock-in-trade in the sum of £424.16.10d., for the shop and Parade House.  It also appears that Mr Bowes ran the shop for 7 years prior to Anna and Kit who rented the shop and Parade House from Louisa late 1940’s – 1951.

Acknowledgement:  Nigel Robinson grandson of Fred Bowes


Lease Agreement dated 23rd October 1940
Patricia Lewis
Completion Statement - Oct 1940 - page 1
Patricia Lewis
Completion Statement - Oct 1940 - Page 2
Patricia Lewis
Parade House garden wall backing onto Wolverley House c 1940
Nigel Robinson
Parade House and J H Christy & Son Ltd's shop c 1940
Nigel Robinson
Parade House, J H Christy's shop and Dennis Butchers c 1940
Nigel Robinson
J H Christy & Son Ltd shop display c 1940
Nigel Robinson

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  • Thank you Nigel I am so pleased to receive your photos and will put them on the website as it helps to build the picture.  It is interesting to see the sand bags, when we had the shop we thought that flooding had been a problem in the past but thankfully the drainage had been improved. You are correct about the wall it once had a greenhouse attached with heating it must have been quite impressive in the Victorian period.  If you have photos of your grandparents from that time it would be good to include them. Best wishes, Jackie 

    By Jackie Embury (01/11/2017)
  • Dear Nigel, please send any pictures you have to and we will see that they get added to the site.





    By Peter Greener (31/10/2017)
  • Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply.  I don’t think I have any photos of my grandparents at shop.  I have three photos of the front and one which I think is in the rear garden – if it has a high wall as the picture is basically that with a shed to the right hand side.  I couldn’t work out how to paste photos into this comment.


    By Nigel Robinson (01/10/2017)
  • Thank you Nigel for your comments it confirms my research.  Do you have a photo of your grandfather and mother at that time, even better if you have them at the shop please, these could be added to complete the picture? Best wishes, Jackie 

    By Jackie Embury (07/01/2016)
  • Fred Bowes was my grandfather and from my understanding he took over the shop so that he could remove his family from London during the war. My mother (Fred’s daughter) had been sent to Blackpool to work for the Civil Service but I believe came to Ashwell to help run the shop, including making deliveries.  The family also lived in Letchworth where my mother met my father.  After the war, my grandfather moved the family down to Brighton where I was born and remain.

    By Nigel Robinson (05/01/2016)

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