The Engine

The Engine app 1970
Customers outside the Engine circa 1991

            The Engine Ashwell Back Street

      The Engine was a beer house in Back street. It was bought by John Bailey, an ashwell builder in 1836. It is believed that the fire of 1850 started in the pub’s yard.In 1886 Fordham’s brewery took over the pub. There is some uncertainty about the name of the pub. Some believe that it is named after a steam threshing  engine, whilst others think it was only named after the steam railway engines ran through the parish in 1850.It eventually closed in the 1990’s

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  • Hello Richard, there should be a way of adding an image to a comment. Otherwise send it to me as an attachment and i will add it to the Engine post. I think all pubs had pewter measures to ensure you were given a whole pint. Thanks Peter

    By Peter Greener (07/10/2023)
  • I got an old victorian pewter pub mug from The Engine. Be happy to forward a pic if somebody knows how to load it on here.

    By Richard Hunt (06/10/2023)
  • Peter
    I have no direct links to The Engine, my comments are hardly “Memories”, I was after all less than a year old. I do however remember sitting in my pushchair in the water at the centre of The Spring, and of being pushed in the pushchair from the village to Pembroke Farm, towards Slip End. I was told of a level of panic by the villagers for my safety when a V1 rocket flew over. Several years later the family attended the wedding of the Daughter of the farm at St Mary’s, and the later reception at The Three Tuns.

    By Keith Salmon (15/05/2023)
  • Thank you Keith for your memories. Did you have any special connection with the Engine?

    By Peter Greener (15/05/2023)
  • My mother and I moved to Ashwell in 1944 to avoid the Nazi rocket raids of London during WW2. Apparently as a baby I was fed with large amounts of chocolate by the American airmen from the local bomber base who frequented The Engine. Father visited at the weekends. I was Christened in Ashwell Church in November 1944.

    By Keith Salmon (11/05/2023)

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