My Goodchild ancestors

My Nan, Jessie Cattle nee Hunt was born in Ashwell in May 1899. She was the daughter of William and Emily Hunt, nee Goodchild. Emily was one of William and Mary Ann Goodchild, nee Worboys’ daughters.

My Nan’s parents moved to Islington, North London in the early 1900s but the ties to Ashwell remained firm. My Nan was always very close to her cousin, Violet and her aunt and uncle – Violets parents, Lily and Noah Geeves. When my mum had to be evacuted during WWII, I don’t think there was any arguement where she would go – she was sent to be with Aunt Lily and Uncle Noah. I too have fond memories of visiting Auntie Violet and Uncle Bob in the late 70s/early 80s when they lived at 1 West End.

My grandparents also took lots of photos and below is a section of images that I believe were taken in Ashwell. I have been trying to work out who people are but it’s highly likely that I am wrong. I have added captions to the images stating who I think the subjects are, so if anyone can correct me or fill in any gaps, I would be most grateful.

Thank you!

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  • My name is James Goodchild (born 1977). I gather my family branch goes back to Corfe Castle and Kimmeridge, Dorset. I’m in Bristol.

    By James Goodchild (19/10/2023)
  • George O Goodchild (b 1839 in Ashwell to James and Elizabeth) emigrated to the US in the 1860s and settled near Chillicothe in Ross County Ohio. His wife Ruth (born Edwards) was from one of the Mordens. After Ruth’s death, George married Esther Bryant, another Ashwell daughter.
    Brother John Goodchild (born 1844) emigrated to the same area and married Agnes Warboys (also from Ashwell). They have many descendants.

    By Patricia Bryant Hohne (06/02/2023)
  • My name is Vernon Goodchild age 69, living in Sheffield.I have traced my family line back to James and Turner Goodchild.Have you any details of the family before this.Any help will be appreciated.Many thanks, Your cousin Vernon

    By Vernon Goodchild (04/11/2022)
  • Photo 13 the gentleman on his own is Robert Crack husband of Violet May Goodchild it may also be Robert in the wedding photo

    By Jackie Embury (02/07/2021)
  • The lad in photo 8 also appears in photo 7 still unknown 

    By Jackie Embury (02/07/2021)
  • Photo 7 the lady in the spotted dress could be Violet May Goodchild and the man in the bowler hat could be Robert Crack her husband

    By Jackie Embury (02/07/2021)
  • Hi.  I believe we share the same Great, Great, Great Grandparents- James Goodchild b1803 and Elizabeth Wilson b 1805.
    (Apologies in advance if you know all this already.)
    Elizabeth was from Ashwell and I believe is buried in St Mary’s church cemetery. James and his father before him, Turner Goodchild were bootmakers.  I have traced the direct line from them back to Owen Goodchild b1635 living in Ashwell.

    James and Elizabeth Goodchild had my Gt Gt Grandmother Mary Goodchild b1841 (I have a photo of her) and your Gt Gt Grandfather William Goodchild b 1848. Together I believe they lived at 31 High St Ashwell.

    I’d be hugely interested in receiving any insight into the family history if anybody has anything.

    Thanks in advance


    By Vivienne Robinson (16/06/2021)

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