Thomas and Jessie (McAinsh) Wylie and family

Jessie & Thomas Wylie
Janet Chennells

Thomas Wylie was born 1846 in Logiealmond, Scotland he died 11 May 1935 in Ashwell, buried in St Mary’s cemetery.  His father was James Wylie and his mother was Alison Pullar.  James was a farmer at Shannoch Farm, Logiealmond, Scotland.

Thomas married Jessie McAinish in 1868.  Jessie was born 1840 in Fowlis Wester, Monzie, Scotland and died in Ashwell in 1922, buried in St Mary’s cemetery.

Thomas was recorded in 1881 Census as a farmer of 134 acres of which 109 were arable, employing 1 man and 1 woman, in Dunblane, Perthshire.

Thomas and Jessie had 6 children all born in Scotland:

James 1869 – Monzie, Perthshire

Isabella 1871 – Monzie, Perthshire

*William Thomas 1874 – Logiealmond, Perthshire – died in Ashwell

Alison Pullar – 1879 – Monzie, Perthshire

Ebenezer Gershom 1881 – Dunblane, Perthshire – died in Ashwell
Agricultural labourer (unmarried)

Mary 1883 - Dunblane, Perthshire – died in Ashwell
Pupil teacher (unmarried)

Thomas Wylie for many years farmed Bear Farm, Ashwell, he was not only a farmer, he was a poet, musician and mystic.  Some of his poems are on this website his books are in Ashwell museum.

*William Thomas married Lily Maud Christy 1880-1963 in June 1922 (Lily was the daughter of John Hart Christy 1839-1921 and Annie Oakley 1847-1905.  John was a Grocer Christy’s/Ashwell Stores) and Farmer employing 12 men).  William and Lily lived and worked at the Cockoo Poultry Farm, Ashwell and had a daughter and a son:

**Alison Pullar Wylie1921 – 2001

Thomas John Wylie 1922 – 1955
Thomas died at the Cockoo Poultry Farm, Ashwell.  A bachelor, he was a Deacon at the Ashwell Congregational Church (Ashwell URC) 

**Alison Pullar Wylie married Richard Stephen Stafford (1933-1987)  on 25 Oct 1962 at Ashwell Congregational Church (Ashwell URC).  They lived at the Cockoo Poultry Farm, Ashwell and had one daughter:

Janet Margaret Stafford 1965.  Janet married Alec Roger Chennells 1966 at Ashwell URC on 14 June 1991 they live at the Cockoo Farm, Ashwell and have a daughter and a son:

Katherine Alice Chennells 1995

Richard Roger Chennells 1999

The earliest known record of the Wylie family is Thomas Wylie of Tomgarra, Strathbraan, Scotland born about 1700.  He had a large family of whom James Wylie (Wild) was the third son.  James was married three times and had 18 children from the three marriages.

This information has been taken from a book Janet Chennells has which was written by Ebenezer Gershom Wylie with comments added by his father Thomas before 1935







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