4 Back Street

Mrs Ivy Capon (98)

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  • This is my Auntie, didn’t know this museum existed I was just starting to look into my grandfathers history as the surname Capon is unusual.
    My grandfather Leonard moved to Wales in the 50’s . Ivy was his sister in law , she married my grandfathers brother Joe . It would be good to see any photos etc , it has been a long time since I visited this lovely village .

    By Sharon Gittins (18/02/2024)
  • hi, i was born and bred in Ashwell but i now live in New zealand , i think it is a great idea to see these lovely photos of the locals but i think you dont need to put their ages and addresses on with their photos, its not a very safe thing to do ,

    By shirleyeden (04/06/2012)
  • We thought carefully about this and decided that the details published were up to the individual. There is also an option not to publish for 25 years which some people have taken up. The whole project was conceived in a spirit of fun and openess and should not be spoilt by over anxiousness about unknown threats. It is more important to look out into the community. It is not a village when everything is locked away in little secret boxes.

    And anyway if you really wanted to I think you could find the information readily from other sources.

    By Peter Greener (04/06/2012)
  • I moved from the village in 1966 and was so happy to see my aunty Ivy and many more people that still live there.

    By elizabeth worboys fairlie. (04/06/2012)

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