1913 December

Events from the pages of the Royston Crow

By Peter Greener

December seemed a very quiet month in 1913. Perhaps, as now, people are too busy getting ready for Christmas to have time to entertain themselves in other ways.


The hockey team were very successful. They went to Biggleswade and won 5-2 then a mixed team of men and women played Smith and sons of Letchworth winning 7-0. Also under the heading of sport, although it would not be today, is a report of a meet of the Biggleswade Harriers. The event was recorded in some detail. They started at Dunton after hares, the third hare took them over 2 farms in Ashwell then they changed to a fox and returned by the Shingay Road but the fox escaped.


More funds were raised for the church heating by a jumble sale and entertainment at the County Council School. The literary society had a lecture on Samuel Johnson and one on Charles Dickens to keep the grey matter active.


24 candidates from Ashwell and Hinxworth passed an examination in First Aid and notice was given of a sale of live and dead farming stock, 6 cart horses and general farm equipment from Cold Harbour Farm. 


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