Primative Methodist Chapel

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West End

By Norman Phillips


The Primitive Methodists were a major offshoot of the main stream methodism.In about 1820 there was a breakaway from the main body, which became the Primitive methodists. It is believed thet the word primitive was used to show that they were the true guardians of the original or primitive form of methodism. By the end of the 19th century the two forms of methodism realised that they had more in common than they had realised,and so conversations began which resulted in their being the two main partners in the union to form the present day Methodist Church.

We have little imformation about the chapel in West End, but it wouldn't exist before 1820 and it does not show on the 1841 Tythe map, but was built before 1861. From the above it would not have been used as a chapel after 1932.

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