Fordham's Brewery

Photo:Brewery and carts. C 1900

Brewery and carts. C 1900

Photo:Carters and horses. C 1900

Carters and horses. C 1900

Photo:Barrels and workers. C 1900

Barrels and workers. C 1900

Photo:Brewery from church tower. C 1912

Brewery from church tower. C 1912

Photo:Fleet of lorries. 1932

Fleet of lorries. 1932

Photo:Pressure coppers. 1932

Pressure coppers. 1932

Photo:Bottling plant. 1932

Bottling plant. 1932

Photo:Brewing machines and vats. 1932

Brewing machines and vats. 1932

Photo:Green Lane maltings. 1932

Green Lane maltings. 1932

Photo:Brewery poster. C 1920

Brewery poster. C 1920

Photo:Demolition of Brewery 1973

Demolition of Brewery 1973

Photo:The maltings and Kiln House. Mill Street. 1970-1980

The maltings and Kiln House. Mill Street. 1970-1980

Photo:The Dray House, Fordham's Close    C2000

The Dray House, Fordham's Close C2000

By Norman Phillips


George Fordham and his son Edward George began brewing in Mill street in 1836.The brewery included a tun room,cleansing room, a counting house and the brewery office.The equipment was powered by a water wheel driven by water from a leat passing under the buildings. Beers brewed included XXXX, Double stout, Oatmeal stout, Milk stout, Brown ale, Pale ale, Best Pale ale, Light ale, Light Bitter ale, Old Ashwell ale and Luncheon ale.

The brewery had its own maltings, two in Mill Street, and the large maltings in Green Lane which was built in 1902.

Greens of Luton made an offer for the brewery in 1952 which was accepted.Well over 2,000,000 bottles of beer were bottled in 1932, and bottling continued in Mill Street until 1965. Brewing had ceased when the brewery was taken over.

The brewery was demolished in 1973, however the malting by the River Rhee and that in Green Lane still stand, having been converted into accommodation.

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